Get the Universal Model Summary Now for Free Before It’s Not!


I talked to Dean Sessions today. He’s the creator of the Universal Model, featured in the podcast interview above. He told me that a summary of the Universal Model in digital form is available for free, for a few days at least. He said that later this week it will go on amazon and be 99 cents.



So, if you have been wanting to learn about a model of science that allows for the Universal Flood, natural law, and God as Creator, go snag a copy of this summary! It condenses all three volumes of the Universal Model into 90 pages. Go here to the website and sign up for the newsletter in the box so that you can get a copy.

In the video above, we learn that Volume I of the Universal Model has at least six new words to explain concepts introduced. These are concepts behind natural laws that explain what modern science can’t explain. Modern science doesn’t have the complete picture.

The video below tells you how to order Volume I in print, if you want the uncondensed version of Volume I. This model of science is fascinating! I got the digital copy, and my 11 year old daughter begs to read it at least twice a week!

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