Webinar on the Importance of a Liberal Arts Education

Here is a recording of the webinar my friend Olivia did for our meeting last week to spread the word about Altus Family Liber School of Tucson, Arizona. It is wonderful! I learned so much from it!

I encourage you to watch it, even if you:

  1. Think you know every thing there is to know about a liberal arts/Thomas Jefferson Education (TJED)/leadership education.
  2. Know nothing about the liberal arts/TJED/ leadership education.
  3. Don’t think you care about the liberal arts/TJED/leadership education.

In the webinar, Olivia tells some some fascinating stories that leave me wondering about how I can better ensure that my children are not just highly trained and skilled, but are truly educated in God’s way, which is the way of freedom and noble character. She tells stories to illustrate the difference between being highly trained and poorly educated versus being highly trained and highly educated. I find the difference fascinating! I invite you to watch and learn more about a liberal arts education. I have posted some video clips from some of the stories she shares in the webinar.

The above clip is John Adams in the courtroom involving the Boston massacre trial.

The clip below is from the bathroom speech scene from the movie Hidden Figures.

Then here is a video summary of the Melanie Bailey story that Olivia referred to. These are all so inspiring!

What can we do to help our children be like these courageous people? What education can we create for our children that fosters the character and empathy of John and Melanie, and discourages ignorance and apathy?




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