Get Your Youth to This Event if You Live Close to Salt Lake City!

August 5th | 3:00p-9:30p
Youth and young adults (14+)
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Hero. Warrior. Champion.If any of those words resonate, this message is for you.Lionheart is taking its next big leap towards uniting the hero generation! We believe that Great Heroes are born to change the world. We’re looking for the next 1,000.Will YOU be one of them?Our goal is simple: win the greatest battles of our time by uniting and supporting a generation of heroes, the likes of which the world has never seen.We believe that you have potential to impact the lives of others, and that it can be used for good.
We believe that your priceless purpose is begging you to live beyond your wildest dreams.
We believe that your power to choose victory in the battles of your life can never be taken from you.The Lionheart movement is designed to champion heroes across the world as they strive to embody their divine identities. The movement’s next major leap will happen August 5th , 2017, when 1,000 heroes, warriors, champions, and friends of Lionheart rally at the South Towne Expo Center to create the event that will unite and equip the leaders of our generation with the power to live with purpose, triumph over obstacles, manifest virtue, love unconditionally, cultivate unconquerable souls, and ultimately, choose to be free.It’s time for you to rise to your very real, very unique destiny – and to do so now.We need you because YOU are a HERO.

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