Book Review and Giveaway: An LDS Approach to Energy Healing

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It’s time for another book review and giveaway! This time it’s about energy healing. How does the doctrine of the LDS Church fit with alternative healing, which means healing that is beyond allopathic medicine? You will find the answers to that question in the above pictured book by Tamara Laing. Tamara also wrote the book, The Healing Arts: a Gift from God. You can read a review of the first book here.

Here is what Tamara says about her second book, pictured above:

Over the summer of 2016 I wrote a second book, An LDS Approach to Energy Healing.  The new book includes MANY generational healing and spiritual gifts quotes. There are step by step instructions on how to do Deep Emotion Release (DER) on yourself or others. This is my favorite method to clear Generational Issues, and does so through the eyes.  It is what the spirit has taught me to do over the years as I’ve worked with family, neighbors, clients and helped conference attendees. 

This new book is a “HOW TO” book on one form of Energy Healing.  It teaches one approach (while my first book, Healing Arts – A Gift from God contains LDS validation for many energy techniques).

Like my first book, this second book also has two chapters on darkness vs. light. The new book has a few unique lists which may be helpful for facilitators. This book also has practical steps on how to “dance in the rain” even while life’s seeming chaos surrounds you. 

Here are some of the chapter topics from the book:


About Doctrine

Spiritual Gifts

Deep Emotional Release




Faith Talk Statements and Imageries


Quotes About the Eyes

Mental Illness

Generational Releasing

Generational Quotes– General Authorities and Scripture

If you are into energy healing, this book will empower you. If you don’t know anything about energy healing, this book will open your eyes to a whole new world. Please enter the giveaway by making a comment below. Drawing will be held on Sat. August 26, 2017.


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8 Responses to Book Review and Giveaway: An LDS Approach to Energy Healing

  1. dedrielle says:

    I really enjoyed her last book as it provided great quotes and scriptures about light and healing. How great it would be to have a step by step guide to the kind if energy healing that she uses. I’ve used other methods in the past and am interested to compare them.


  2. Janalyn says:

    This is new for me, but I would like to learn. I’ve seen the power of energy healing with friends.


  3. Katie H. says:

    This sounds great. It’s wonderful that she will be sharing how to do it! I have been dependant on others to walk me through releasing some of my deeply held emotions from trauma and generational abuse patterns, so I’d love to read this to become more self-reliant in this important area!!


  4. Jaimi Larsen says:

    I am relatively new to home schooling and mentoring my first junior class at a commonwealth school I recently signed us up for. I came across your website in searching for ideas about a name and description for the class I will have. I couldn’t skip over your site. I read a bit about LEMI training and decided to investigate your blog.
    I am a Licensed Massage Therapist and have a little knowledge and understanding or energy healing. I have recently been developing a newly discovered spiritual gift and am in great need of guidance and mentoring in this area of my life.
    Thank you for your plethora of ideas, knowledge, and experience.


    • treeoflifemama says:

      You are welcome! We just started with a new commonwealth school yesterday! It’s so exciting! Best of wishes to you!


  5. KeeNan says:

    Our family is in such need of generational healing, but I don’t really know where to begin. I would love to have this book.


  6. minkytaylor says:

    I bought something with the same name, thinking it was the book, but it turned out to a recording, which mentions some of the principles. But I’d still love to read the book!


  7. treeoflifemama says:

    Congrats to KeeNan, winner of the random drawing! KeeNan, I will be contacting you privately to get this to you!


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