Nuggets about Education from Neil Flinders

Last month, BYU had its “Education Week.” (I think that’s a funny name, shouldn’t every week be “education week” at a university?) Maybe we could call it “Non-Full-time Student Week”? People ages 14 and up from all over the country come to attend this event. This is something I used to attend on and off when I had three or fewer kids, after I retired from being a full-time BYU student with my bachelor’s degree. I totally enjoyed it along with BYU Women’s Conference, which was hit and miss for me as well during motherhood since I usually had a breastfeeding baby in those early years. Both events really fed my soul, but by the time I had Baby #4 I gave up. I haven’t had to balance breastfeeding and getting a babysitter in years to go to events. (My baby just turned 8 (!)) So I could go to Education Week, except for the fact that I am here in AZ where people think school should start in August, so they don’t think it’s still summer vacation. BYU Education Week is supposed to happen during summer vacation, but they apparently don’t know that down here. Summer vacation is supposed to end with Labor Day! So alas, I have all these commitments tying me down, like driving my son to seminary (but cheers, a small carpool is forming), football practice for sons every weeknight, and games, and my new commonwealth school for my kids.

Anyway, I heard that Neil Flinders, author of Teach the Children, featured in the above video, presented last month at Education Week. Here is a link to his Powerpoint slides from last month’s presentation, in case you want to glean some nuggets from this wise man. He also presented last year, in 2016, so here is the link for that presentation,which relates to Joseph Smith. Enjoy!

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