How to Get Even More Answers to Prayers


I snapped this photo from inside our car as we whizzed along at 70 mph in southern Utah. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t the one driving at the time!) Isn’t the scene lovely? I just love driving through Flagstaff, then Page, and then through the “Color Country” of southern Utah. It is just so pretty! We went to Utah to stay for Labor Day weekend so my baby, who just turned 8, could attend the Mastering Knighthood Summit. While we were there for the weekend staying at my parents’ home, my mom told me about these amazing tapes she bought used at D.I. (a thrift store). They featured Elder Gene R. Cook. She told me some of the stories he told on the tapes, on how he helped his son find a lost hat and wallet, using faith in God and prayer. The stories so intrigued me that I Googled them and found the following:

First an image of a book he wrote:


Next, I found some text of the exact same stories she told me from the tapes. So I read through some of them and felt my soul being filled with light. I am excited to use these principles in my prayers. I invite you to read these principles and use them for yourself.

Here is the text of the book I found online. I think it is the same book that goes with the cover image above, but if I am wrong, someone please correct me. I hope you enjoy Elder Cook’s wise counsel. He is one of my favorite LDS Church leaders.

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