Countdown to Thanksgiving Story #2: The Football Game that Changed My Life

IMG_0964Today’s story as we count down to Thanksgiving is about football. What would fall or Thanksgiving Day be without it? I have a love/hate relationship with the sport. I appreciate the strategy and infinite ways the game can go, but I don’t like the injuries involved. Son #3 is currently recovering from a concussion sustained in football. Ouch! Anyway, despite my dislike for the pain and permanent damage the game can create, I love the way football can bring people together, at least when they are rooting for the same team, LOL!

When we lived in Utah, it was a tradition for my oldest son’s friend to organize a football game with as many boys and men he could round up the morning of Thanksgiving Day. They had a ton of fun! Today’s story involves a football game on a Thanksgiving morning that changed a young man’s life. He enjoyed a football game without cursings, anger, or fighting. Then he learned why, and that changed his whole life! You can read it here.

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