Countdown to Thanksgiving Story #5: The Miracle of the Falling Turkey from the Sky


Today’s story as we count down to Thanksgiving is a true story that took place on Christmas Eve. It involves a turkey so that’s why I’m including it here as a Thanksgiving story. Most people typically eat turkey on Thanksgiving, more so than on Christmas, when other traditional or easier foods to prepare crowd out Mr. Turkey. So that’s why I’m telling this story today. I love, love stories of miracles like this one! We usually don’t think of miracles associated with Thanksgiving but it’s time we do. I myself think of Thanksgiving every year as a time of miracles because:

  1. Some of the Pilgrims survived the first horrendous winter in Plymouth. As a descendant of William Bradford, the governor of Plymouth, and John Howland, I’m thankful for that, because they were both among the survivors. Without them, I wouldn’t be here! The first Thanksgiving was a time where they gave thanks for surviving the winter and having a bountiful crop.
  2. Thirteen years ago, we moved the Saturday after Thanksgiving into a miraculous situation that I know God provided for us.
  3. Two years ago, again, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we moved from #2 situation into a new, miraculous situation that God provided for us, again, due to his mercy and abounding provision.

So, on to the story! It is from the February 2003 New Era, in a talk called, “Do You Need a Miracle?” by Elder Larry Gibbons. It tells the story of a man, Mr. Bogar, living in the hills of Missouri. He went hunting for a legendary turkey named Foots who was so big that he left prominent tracks in the snow. The man stalked Foots down until he was 60 yards away. Carefully, Mr. Bogar aimed, shot, and hit the turkey! The turkey fell down and appeared to be dead. Mr. Bogar was sure that his turkey dinner was in the bag. But then an amazing thing happened, and it wasn’t until months later that the hunter found out the rest of the miraculous story. The end result was a miraculous turkey dinner for some hungry people who had been praying for food, not the hunter’s family. Click on this link to read the whole thing. I’ts amazing!

I believe in miracles! I’ve seen them happen in my life. I’ve seen hearts soften (including my own) and miracles happen when at first it seemed like no change was remotely possible. I know these changes happened because of the power of faith in Jesus Christ.  Thanksgiving is a great time for miracles! Any time is a great time for miracles when we do as Elder Gibbons says in the article:

You have some difficult battles to fight. It is easy to let fear overtake us. Have courage! Have faith! Remember the sons of Helaman. “Now they never had fought, yet they did not fear death; … yea, they had been taught by their mothers, that if they did not doubt, God would deliver them” (Alma 56:47).

Have faith! Repent of those things that you need to change in your life. Do not fear. Work hard. Expect a miracle!

Remember the greatest miracle of all time. The Son of Man rose from the grave. He overcame death and hell! He lives. I know that He lives. Because of this, the greatest of miracles, we have no reason to fear, and we have every reason to have faith.

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