Countdown to Christmas: Give the Gift of Memorized Poetry

I stumbled across a new LaDawn Jacob video last week! I’m so excited! I devoured it three times already! Now to digest it and actually apply all she teaches. Watch above and be inspired! You can learn more about LaDawn and why I think she is so cool here. Lest you get discouraged, realize she freely admits in the video above that after she got married and had kids, she discovered she wasn’t such a nice person. She got angry, yelled, and swore! So this is hope for all of us, lol! She persisted, however, in doing things that matter with her children like helping them memorize poetry and scriptures.

This Christmas, consider giving a gift of memorized poetry to the people that are hard to buy for, like grandparents, aunts, and uncles. How cool to present a piece of memorized poetry by tiny children like LaDawn’s grandchildren did for her on Mothers’ Day in the video above! You will find the a link to LaDawn’s collections of scriptures and poetry at the same page as the link above, here once again.

I have to say, the little grandson with the eager loud voice makes me think of my own enthusiastic son who is now 19. At age 3 he was the cutest little thing, unabashedly taking center stage and mic with his memorized poems of Sandra Boynton at homeschool productions. He’s not here for Christmas this year because he’s on an LDS mission, so this memory brings tears to my eyes.

I attended a meeting with LaDawn as a speaker for homeschool moms when he was a baby. She influenced my relationship with him and all my children greatly. So thank you LaDawn, your legacy lives on, not just in your posterity, but with mothers for whom you have been a light, leading us to Christ.

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