Weddings Are so Awesome!

I drove to Utah to attend a wedding in October. It was so beautiful! The intimate gathering of family and friends for the wedding sealing in the LDS Provo City Center Temple was so touching. I felt amazement to think that this young woman, Larisa, who got married, used to be a 12 year old in my daughter’s homeschool drama class, just yesterday it seems.

Now in a blink of an eye, she is this beautiful young bride, matured and ready to embark on a new season of life. She has served a mission for the LDS church and been educated in the classics. She also creates amazing music with her voice, viola, and piano. Here is a link to some of her music.

The Provo City Center temple is so beautiful. Here is a video about it. I love how it has a gazebo close to it that shelters a visitors’ center and waiting area for family members and children who don’t have access to the temple yet.

The groom’s family held a luncheon catered by Cafe Rio (yum!) after the ceremony. It was fun to hear Larisa’s mom sing some songs dedicated to the couple.

Then the bride and groom played “the shoe game.” It was lots of fun to watch. I’m so grateful that I decided to make the long drive to attend the festivities. I got to meet the groom’s mother at the reception and have a long chat with her. She is dealing with an issue similar to one I have so it was great to get her perspective. So many times God leads us to people in our path so that we can be blessed by them or we can bless with the words we say. The whole day was a beautiful reminder to me of the power of God’s plan of happiness, how it involves eternal family life because of the priesthood ordinances found in the holy temples of the Lord. I love how each wedding is the joining of two families to produce a new family.



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