Happy Mother’s Day Gift to You! Making Dinner a Winner


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you! Last year I had a horrible Mother’s Day involving a car crash In Las Vegas (let’s just say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!) so I’m looking forward to having a much better one tomorrow, safe at home! I get to hear from my missionary in the comfort of my home instead of skyping on a tablet at a gas station in the boonies of AZ, like I did last year. I’m so grateful to stay home this year.

My Mother’s Day gift to you is the following:

  1. An invitation to listen to a podcast episode by Nancy Campbell, mother of the two Trim Healthy Mama authors/sisters, here. It will inspire you in your role as “just a mom.” We as moms have so much power than the world thinks. Just the simple act of feeding our families can be a beautiful, artful form. This happens when we think of it in terms of nurturing instead of feeding, as shown in the wonderful movie, Babette’s Feast, which Nancy refers to in this podcast episode I just linked to a few sentences back.
  2. An invitation to download the following document that I wrote years ago. It is called, Making Dinner a Winner. (Click on the title to download.) In this document, I also refer to the story of Babette’s Feast. I include a quote from Truman G. Madsen that is so inspiring when he related the theme of the movie to the Savior, the sacrament, and then to women and mothers. Beautiful!

Also, I just shared my new cake recipe on my blog along with stories about the power of moms this past week. I will keep posting more of those in this month of May so keep checking back to read more and get my ebook today that has a lot more stories curated from lds.org.

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