The Healing Power of the Priesthood of God: Story #2, “Elizabeth’s Promises”


Today’s story is to continue my commemoration of the restoration of the priesthood power for this month of May. I love this story because it shows the power of promises given in priesthood blessings. In this story we see young Elizabeth Beardall Mower living in England with her family and searching for religious truth. They find Latter-day Saint missionaries and start to think they have found the truth. Then Elizabeth gets sick with scarlet fever. The young missionaries give her a priesthood blessing to heal her. All the promises that the missionaries give to her in the blessings, including healing, are fulfilled, including the blessing that she will grow up and become a mother in Zion.

Read Part 1 here, “The Blessing.”

Read Part 2 of the story, “Elizabeth’s Decision,” here

Read Part 3, “Elizabeth Alone,” here.

This is an example of the stories that are included in my curation of LDS stories in my Celestial Family Devotionals Ebook. You can read more examples and order the book here. It is $4.99 until June 5, then the price goes up to $9.99.

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