Who Wants to Do the Trim Healthy Mama Workins’ Challenge With Me?

Here’s what I asked for and got for Mother’s Day from my hubby and adult children! I am so excited! I started working out (or in) with these DVDs last week. (Hint: if your DVDs are skippy like mine were, ask your husband to watch a YouTube video on how to clean your DVD player and have him do that, then they won’t skip anymore!) Who wants to do it with me? The promise made by the creators, Serene and Pearl, is that you will get fit from the inside out with just four 20 minute sessions a week. They have special exercises to strengthen the female pelvic floor, and core muscles, including fixing diastasis recti (fancy term for separated abdominal muscles).

I love how Serene and Pearl are so real and “homeschool mama friendly” in these DVDs: no fancy spandex or revealing clothes, and they use ketchup and salsa bottles and jugs of water for weights. They also show their kids appearing in and out and talk about how it’s OK to be interrupted to answer a child’s question. Well, at least Pearl does. Serene says when she’s in exercise mode she doesn’t answer kids’ questions, LOL. I’ve experienced that many times! They are so used to having me available all the time. It’s ok that mom isn’t available while she’s exercising, OK, guys?

I also like that after you get tired of hearing their jokes and banter, you can mute their talking and still know what’s ahead because of the text reminders that appear on the screen.

I also like that they have three levels of fitness to follow and also show moves to do while pregnant.

Get your kit here and take the challenge with me!

This is my challenge: Measure your biceps, thighs, waist and hips before you start doing the workins. Do the workins DVDs at least four times a week (each DVD session is approximately 20 min.)  Eat following the THM Plan as well. (Here’s a quick start guide for that from Gwen’s Nest.) Then measure after six weeks and see if you’ve lost inches! Ready, set, go! After I do this for a full six weeks I will do a complete review of the exercise kit here on the blog and share my results.


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