Learn to Sew This Summer!


This first week of June makes me think of my grandma. For many years when I was young, after school got out in the end of May, my sisters and I would spend a week with her and Grandpa in my dad’s hometown while my parents had a business trip. Grandma was a high school home economics teacher who taught us how to sew. Her motto was “She who dies with the most fabric wins!” Because of those times with her in early June, sewing and summer go together for me. I still remember the pink and purple striped shorts she taught me how to make using fabric I picked out from her overflowing shelves of material. I paired it with a pink shirt that had a Strawberry Shortcake applique. I thought I was really stylish! “Sew”…. with love and dedication to Grandma, haha, I am posting a bunch of sewing tutorials here on my site. Check out more on my page over here, Fun to Make and Do.





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