Fiesta Grub, Easy THM E Meal


This is an adaptation of the Cowboy Grub recipe in the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Cookbook. I call it Fiesta Grub. My recipe is more budget friendly because you use shredded cabbage instead of ground beef. I also leave out the rice in the mix and cook it separately for those who want more carbs. If you are wanting to lose weight, eat this as a strict E topping on a big bed of salad greens. If you don’t want to lose weight, eat it with lots of sour cream and grated cheese on top of chips or stuffed in a tortilla, which would be a Crossover (XO) as they say in THM lingo. Crossovers are for people who don’t want to lose weight. Serve it that way as well to your family members who don’t need to lose weight.

4 c shredded cabbage

3 c seasoning blend (find in the frozen veggie aisle, it’s a mix of diced celery, peppers, and onions) or 3 diced bell peppers and 2 large diced onions

3 (10 oz) cans spicy diced tomatoes (Rotel brand or the equivalent store-brand of diced tomatoes mixed with jalapenos or chili peppers)

1 1/2 c cooked pinto or black beans, or 1 15 oz can of beans

1 1/2 c frozen corn kernels

1 1/2 T chili powder

1 1/2 t garlic powder

1 1/2 t cumin

1 1/2 t mineral salt

1/4 t pepper

1/4 t cayenne pepper (may want to leave out if you used the spicy diced tomatoes, if you used plain diced tomatoes, then maybe add the cayenne pepper)

Cook all the veggies except tomatoes and corn until tender in a little bit of water that covers the bottom of a large skillet. Add in the spices and stir up to mix them in. Add in the beans, corn, and tomatoes, mixing in and cooking until the corn is cooked through. Then dig in! Use lots of non-starchy veggies, like salad greens, as an E meal to fill up on it.




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