What Wedding Traditions Are Worth Keeping?

It’s June and the traditional month for weddings. Have you ever thought why we associate diamond rings with engagement to get married? Is this a tradition worth perpetuating? After watching the above video, I say it’s not.

Here’s some food from thought from a girlfriend about wedding traditions:

I had a discussion about the purpose of wedding receptions.  My first thing that blurted out of my mouth after being asked the question “What is the purpose of Wedding Receptions?” was “To show how much money the family can spend.”  I felt terrible after I said that because that is not what I wanted to do,  to show off money since we certainly do not have money to waste.
But, I have been questioning many things lately, one of which is “What is the purpose and origin of dating? What does a quality courtship look like?”  Why do we do things the way that we do them?  How does a tradition start and can we question that tradition?  Is this a helpful tradition?  Did it begin with good intentions and has it just gone all wrong lately?  Or was it wrong in the first place? Is it ok to question traditions? Of course!  Go ahead and do it and get everyone else ticked off at you!  I’ve been accused of being a rebel rouser, and trouble maker.  Its true, I do ask some annoying questions sometimes.
“Adam Ruins Everything” is quite honest and painful to watch as he talks about the wedding industry. He apparently questions everything like I do but even more so!  You should see his video on youtube about the real purpose of the TSA.  Hilarious! (Editor’s note: if you want to get the message and avoid the bad language, watch the alternate video above from Cool History.)
He mentions the DeBeers Diamond Cartel that monopolized the diamond market in his engagement ring expose.  (Warning: he swears, with the F-bomb and other swear words. So be careful, don’t watch with imitative young children around.)  Did you know that the newcomer gemstone in the marketplace is called moissanite?  Its much cheaper than diamonds and better quality.  Out with the old and in with the cheaper new!  I’ve heard of people buying wedding rings on Amazon for less than it costs for a new toaster. And they look very nice.  I think the Shane Company and Wilson Diamonds will have a hard time surviving the incoming ring market via Amazon.
Clark and Stacey, I purposely sent this email to you since I know that your Natalie will be stepping off the plane soon from her mission and is one of the most eligible single women I can think of.  We should all be discussing this with our children from a young age in order to help them get clear on what we are doing and WHY we should be doing things.  And then we can question the purpose of everything and decide if its worth going along with the crowd or better to blaze our own trail.
My dear friends, S. and K. married their daughter off last year and I LOVED their celebration.  It was completely unique and had all the signs of an out of the box thinker.  It was summer so they held it in a neighbors backyard.  Simple wedding decor but very pretty because the setting was natural in an older backyard with large trees.  The neighbor donated a wedding dress, K. altered it and it was gorgeous!  Especially the price.  Then she asked all her good friends and family to bring a large salad to put on the food table. there must have been at least 20 large salads. I have to say that was absolutely the BEST wedding faire I have ever tasted at a reception.  Not only was there an incredible variety of delicious healthy food but it also had personality and love in the food.  Someone else had the brilliant idea to serve English Trifle which was so tasty and elegant.  I liked it better than a wedding cake!
In retrospect, I want to express that our reason for having my daughter and her husband’s reception was to mark the day of their covenant marriage with a gathering to celebrate.  It was very memorable for them and for us.  Of course, we could have chosen to save ourselves a lot of work and money by gifting them the money instead of spending it on a party. But N. chose to have all the normal things.  If they had opted for the money they could  have used it for setting up their new home.  That always takes some money doesn’t it?
One family in our ward offered their daughter a sum of money.  She could either spend it on a reception or take the money and run.  She opted to take the money and run.  On the day of the wedding, they were sealed, had a nice family friend dinner at a restaurant, then the young couple left for their honeymoon.  (I really hope they didnt spend all the money on the honeymoon) No reception, and the mother reported to me that it was wonderfully relaxing.
My personal opinion on Honeymoons is dont go on one unless its really important to you and you want to spend money on airfare to a faraway place like Mexico instead of having a nice reliable vehicle to use from day to day.  I say to put the money into setting up your new abode or to upgrading your normal function – buy a newer car so you dont have to spend so much time in the repair shop. Or sock all that money away for starting a cattle ranch (new business) like Miss Nesslerod in Louis La Amours western novel.
I would love to hear what you think about weddings and the attendant traditions . . .
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