Countdown to Pioneer Day Story #1: Pioneering the Gospel in Austria


I got to attend this a-MAAAZ-ing family reunion a few days ago here in Utah, for my mother-in-law’s branch of the family tree, the Hiltons. The photo above shows just one branch of the branches.


Perhaps I will share more about that later. The setting was incredible: trees, expansive lawns, a pond, swans, a canoe, mountains!


I felt love, prosperity, beauty and family everywhere I turned. I truly felt I had stepped into heaven!


Anyway,  while there I met someone who is descended from a person today’s pioneer story is about. He has married into the Hiltons. His ancestor is Thomas Biesinger, who was the first missionary of the restoration to share the gospel in Austria. His story is so incredible! After preaching the gospel he was thrown into prison. Then he got a letter from his missionary companion, who was sick with smallpox in a hospital. What happened next will knock your socks off!

You can read the whole story here.

I am grateful for people like Thomas Biesinger who have courageously shared and stood for truth. May we have the same courage!

You can read more stories like this I have curated in my Family Devotionals Ebook here. It’s on sale until the end of July, $3.99 instead of $9.99!

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