Post #2 Treats No Tricks: Meeting My Grandbaby!


IMG_0506 (3)

My treat #2 to share in my “golden harvest” years of motherhood is that I’m a grandma! Just call me Mama C! Baby C, my daughter’s son, was born two and a half weeks early and surprised us before I could get there! I’m super bummed that I missed the birth as we all planned for me to be there for it, but I got to meet Baby C last month and spend two whole weeks spoiling him and his parents! That means I did all the housework and let my daughter sleeeeep as much as Baby C’s stomach could last in between feedings. All my years of being a nursing mama and La Leche League Leader kicked in as I encouraged her to nurse lying down in order to get more rest. Here are some pics of meeting my grandson and enjoying life in a place that has four seasons, as in, Idaho. The autumn leaves were gorgeous! I’d forgotten how much I enjoy them from when I lived in Utah. The scene below is within walking distance from their home.


In the photo below, Baby C looks so confused, like, “Hey, wait…You’re not my mother!  Your face and voice are different and you’re not giving me milk!”


Then below, he’s figuring it out…”Ah…you have wrinkles, so you are older…I get it…you are my mother’s mother!”


Me, as Mama C, “That’s right! Don’t forget it! I’m your grandma! This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship kiddo! Let the spoiling begin!”


I cherish those two weeks of a babymoon in Idaho! I’m so grateful I got to see my daughter living so happily as a young wife and new mom! This was the first time I’ve been to her home since she got married. She’s living her dream of being a college-graduated engineer, a wife, and a mother. It does a mama’s heart good to see my baby having a baby and walking in ways of truth and happiness!

IMG_0587 (2)

Her husband is so wonderful and they are so cute together. I felt so bittersweet the last day! I had loved living in their little nest with much fewer cares around me than what I’m used to.  I definitely miss them but it’s good to be back in AZ to ride herd on the ones still in the nest. I don’t think, however, that they missed me at all! We had a nice break from homeschooling with each other (I left my husband and 17 year old in charge of that while I was gone but I’m sure there was some sliding and playing around while the “cat’s away”…:-)) Now it’s time to crack the whip on them again.

This is such a great season of motherhood, I love it! Now if we could just live a lot closer!!! I’m working on her to move closer with the bribe of free babysitting, almost on demand, with 24 hour notice, lol. How I miss waking up and going down the hall to see Baby C and whisking him into my arms, drinking in his newborn baby-ness, cuddling him and enjoying his piglet grunts. Thank goodness for video chat!


This is us right before we left for the airport. My daughter got the baby all tanked up on her milk so he could zone out in the car.

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