Happy Birthday Joseph Smith!

Happy Birthday to Joseph Smith! Today is the prophet’s birthday! He was born on December 23, 1805. I bear testimony that he was God’s chosen servant to restore the pure gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. I have been daily reading the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ, which Joseph translated from ancient metal plates, every day, because of Pres. Russell M. Nelson’s invitation. I feel the power of this book protecting me, guiding me, and giving me hope, beauty, and endless treasures of wisdom about how deep, glorious, and generous the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is. I love this book. It allows me to draw nearer to Christ every day. I testify it is true, and that Joseph had divine help in translating it. Praise to the man!

Two days before we have a birthday party for Jesus Christ, on Christmas Day, we are having a birthday party for Joseph, His prophet, tonight! I read this article and loved it so much I am starting a new family tradition because of it. My  mother-in-law, who  married a descendant of Joseph Smith’s first cousin, Jesse Nathaniel Smith, says that it makes sense that the Lord sent a baby boy into the world close to the darkest day of the year, to remind us of his mission to bring the greatest light, the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, into a fallen world.

Tonight we will be having gingerbread, because that’s something Joseph’s family probably ate, and root beer, because his family sold it. That’s what I learned from reading/listening to Saints. They probably enjoyed it as well. I made it from real sassafras root, but also bought some from the store for those family members who turn up their nose at my made-from-scratch experiment, using whey from my homemade yogurt to carbonate it. It’s still fermenting, if it turns out decent I will share the recipe soon.

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