Why Video Games are Bad: They are a Poor Imitation of Real, Best Things

Maurice Harker published this video a few months ago about why video games are bad. Are they bad? It’s not so much that they are inherently evil, it’s that they substitute for the better and best activities that the users, especially boys and young men, could be doing with their time instead. They simulate the roles of providing, protecting, and presiding. What activities can boys and young men engage in instead where they provide, protect, and preside in real-life situations?

Maurice is the founder of Life Changing Services, a counseling company dedicated to changing people’s lives by giving them the tools and knowledge to break free of addiction and destructive behaviors and thought patterns. Watch his video below for an explanation and then the other videos on “Breaking the Chains” of addictions.







I have taken the Eternal Warriors course Karen talks about in the above video. I still use the principles I learned in that class every day to maintain my 70 lb. weight loss. I highly recommend the class! You can learn more here.


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