Easter 2019: Seeing How Christ Changes Everything


We had a lovely Easter! My heart is still delighting as I remember it.

We dyed our Easter eggs red, in honor of the Serbian Easter tradition I blogged about here, which is new to me. In honor of that ritual, We invited one of our grandmas via video chat to bear her testimony of Christ, right after our Easter egg hunt.

As we sat around our dining room table, munching on candy, she gave a lovely testimony, such that I felt the Holy Spirit warming my heart. I am so excited about this new tradition. I plan to alternate between grandmas every year. I love it, not just for the spiritual aspect but for practical reasons too… it is easier to dye Easter eggs all red with onion skins all at once than deal with different colors, cups,  and vinegar. My one super creative child who somewhat enjoyed dyeing eggs is out of the nest, married, with her own baby. The ones left at home don’t really care about dyeing the eggs different colors or creating works of art out of them. I kind of miss that though.



Dh and I had our movie date night on Easter eve, while the younger kiddos peeled the onion skins for the red egg dyeing and the big boys went to a dance. It is so cool, how yellow onion skins can turn water and then eggs bright red. I never would have thought that up on my own. I would have thought you have to use red onions to make red dye. So now I’m wondering if red onion skins could be used to dye eggs purple or blue.


I just love how the red eggs coordinate with my Pioneer Woman tablecloth.  It all looks so pretty! the jar of red stuff is the leftover red water from dyeing the eggs. I’m going to experiment and see how it works as a natural red food dye.

IMG_0179 (1).JPG

For our date night my husband and I watched a few things. We’ve both had stressful weeks the past two weeks with heavy workloads, not seeing each other much, and our washer and dryer being broken. It was nice to relax for a night. The best thing we watched was the documentary below about a few Amish families who joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The three family stories amazed me. I am left wondering how I can be more courageous when I discover new truths like they did. I know that because of the grace of Jesus Christ, I can.



That’s one of the many joyful truths of Easter. Christ can change us! He can change everything! Christ can use yellow onion skins to make water red, He can multiply loaves and fishes, and He came back to life, forever conquering death. He does all that and He can, through the Holy Spirit, help us know and bring the resources that we need for lasting change. It is amazing to ponder on all the mysteries He has in store for us, beyond the new mystery I discovered, that yellow onion skins can dye eggs red.




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