What Does “Speech Seasoned With Salt” Mean?


In my recent Come, Follow Me study, I read this phrase from the Bible, in Colossians 4:6:

“Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.”

What does that mean, “speech seasoned with salt”?

To get a clue, I looked up the word “salt” in Hebrew. In the process I also found out that salt is a symbol of purity and covenants. Ahh! That gave me insight. When we speak, or give speech, we are to talk about our covenants. That is what seasons our speech, or makes it interesting. As we speak, reverently of course, about our covenants, our two-way promises with God, with each other, and how we have been blessed by keeping these covenants, we will inspire others.

I know I benefit greatly when I hear others tell of promises they have made with God. Part of walking the covenant path is offering gifts to God, in the form of promises and commitments. For, example, Elder Enzio Busche searched for the true church of Jesus Christ. He searched for this church in post-WWII Germany for four years.

Yearning for the Living God by [Lamb, Tracie]


Finally, he promised God that if God would show him the true church of Jesus Christ, he would join that church, even if it had a history of persecution. Two weeks later, missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsChurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints showed up on his doorstep. He investigated the Church for two years and then got baptized. I love his story! It’s the epitome of the Hero’s Journey turned into the Covenant Path. You can read it here. The longer version is here.

I love that Elder Ballard recently, on a ministry trip to New England, called on American Saints and fellow citizens to remember that America was founded by believers in Jesus Christ. That’s what the video above is from. He said:

“I plead with you this evening to pray for this country, for our leaders, for our people and for the families that live in this great nation founded by God. Remember, this country was established and preserved by our founding fathers and mothers who repeatedly acknowledged the hand of God through prayer.” I can’t help but think that these “founding fathers and mothers” were covenantal believers who made individualized covenants with God according to the light they had at the time. For a thorough treatment of this topic, read this book by Timothy Ballard.


Then here is another covenantal story of a woman, Nancy Hilton, who marred into my husband’s extended family.

We have been so blessed by the legacy of people who have made and kept covenants. Let us continue the chain and not be a weak link, as President Hinckley admonished.


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