Super Cheap DIY Festive Thanksgiving Garland



Remember when I posted about the festive Independence Day garland that I learned how to make here? I used the same directions but different colors for fall/Thanksgiving. I drape these on my hutches and above doorways. I love how the pink, orange, and yellow combine together to be so eye-popping! I also love how they go with all my Pioneer Woman tablecloths. I meant to put these up starting in September but didn’t get them up until after Halloween.  I will be so sad to take them down after Thanksgiving. At least when I take them down that means I can replace them with red, white, and green streamers for Christmas. I’m thinking a mint green with red and white will be extra pretty. We shall see if I can find mint green crepe paper.



Excuse the mess in the kitchen background. That’s life! We hadn’t cleaned up after lunch and I wanted to get this up. I plan on making winter garlands again in January out of jewel tones and then some again in February out of red, pink, and white. Easter will be pale pink, yellow and aqua blue or lavender.

Read my suggestions on the original blog post so you know how to keep the thread from breaking as you sew the garland, and remember to “fluff” out the layers like butterfly wings so the whole streamer looks a lot prettier than if the layers are all lying flat. The colors in my streamer are the same in Dana’s video, I just changed the order so that the yellow streamer is in the middle.




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