Countdown to a Christ-Centered Christmas: Day #1!


Whew! My shopping is pretty much done for the big day! Some years I make gifts but not this year! I’ve got a lot of gifts to wrap, a concert to attend tomorrow night that my husband is singing in, and two more days of homeschooling activities, centered around Christmas. I’ve got my older children flying and driving in this weekend, along with my son-in-law and grandbaby, so we are all going to be together for Christmas! Oh joy!

I loved the series of videos that the two people in the above video, Emily Freeman and David Butler, did about having a Christ-centered Easter. Now they are doing a series for how to create a Christ-centered Christmas. So I will post a video each day from them about some new things to think about from the Christmas story. Each day’s video will include a simple tradition (usually done with things you already have in your home) and an invitation to ponder and act. So watch Day #1 above. It involves starting a new tradition of displaying an empty stable in your home from a Nativity set.



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