How to Have Christmas in Your Heart Every Day, Every Moment, All Year Round



I’ve been watching these videos based on the book Becoming Spiritually Centered by James A. Cox lately while I exercise. An acquaintance, Judy Gilmore, has created videos for each week’s thought patterns as presented in the book. I’ve put all the videos in this post.


This book is used on amazon but you can get it in digital form for a small cost here


A friend invited me, as prompted by the Spirit, to go through this book with her at the beginning of 2019, doing one thought pattern a week. I had read the book over ten years ago and been to the seminar presented by the author, but revisiting it all really helped me and continue to help me. Something happened in January 2019 that I allowed to put me in a deep funk. Listening to and applying these principles lifted me out. I’m so grateful that my friend followed a prompting of the Holy Ghost and called me back on the phone after we had met in person, to tell me that the Holy Ghost had told her to call me and invite me to go through the course with her.













Incorporating Christ’s gospel, as taught by the patterns in this book/videos, totally allows anyone to have the Christmas spirit, the spirit of Christ, year round. You can truly rejoice, or feel joy again, despite your current circumstances, because of our Savior Jesus Christ. It’s all about whether we choose to focus on the Savior or not, whether we are Christ-centered or not. As President Nelson said:


IMG_2030 (3).JPG

Merry Christmas!




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