New Insights from Lehi’s Tree of Life Vision


Wow, if you think you know everything there is to know about Lehi’s vision of the Tree of Life you have got to watch the above video! I love the insights I got from watching it. The vision is depicted in the video below.



My whole blog here is named after Lehi’s vision so of course I am emotionally attached to it.

This vision means so much to me. I love it!

I also love that after all these times I’ve read it, I can still find new meaning in it. I hope you all watch the two videos above and read the passage (1 Nephi 8) and find your own new meanings.

One super fascinating thing, which caused me to write my book,  is that the tree of life motif reappears all through sacred literature, such as:

-Lehi’s Vision, as a symbol of Jesus Christ

-Alma’s tree of testimony in Alma 32

-family trees

-the Bible (such in Genesis, Psalms, and Revelations)

-Joseph Smith in Doctrine and Covenants 135

and in many more places! I’m sure you can think of more. If you can’t, you can read my book here to find all the places I’ve found.

Since I wrote the book, I’ve found even more places where the tree motif shows up.

When I studied Revelations last month for Come, Follow Me, I looked up the word for “tree” in the Hebrew language as I studied John the Revelator’s vision in Revelations, which involves a tree. Guess what I found? The Hebrew word for tree is “עץ” which is pronounced “ets.”

That word involves the Hebrew letters “ayin” and “tzaddik.” Those letters symbolize the “eye/vision” (ayin) and “trail/guide/ or righteous one” (tzaddik).

So a tree involves having an eye/vision and being a righteous guide. In other words, a tree is involved with vision, righteousness, and guiding.  Isn’t that interesting?

Why is that so?

The tree symbol is truly something sacred, something that is repeated over and over in the Creator’s plans, in His visions for us, and in His creations, to teach us of His ways.

I also love that Emily Freeman and David Butler, featured in the video at the very top, have new conversation cards to expand you and your family’s study from the Come, Follow Me Study Guide.

You can get them here from their newsletter archive of “Don’t Miss This.” Scroll down the page and click on “Download Take 5.”

They call them “Take 5” cards because they involve 5 things:

  • 5 minutes with your family gathered around, ideally at a mealtime
  • Read a verse
  • Ask a question
  • Have a discussion
  • Give a challenge

I love it!

Use them at dinner time or anytime you can catch your family together. The thought of printing, cutting out, and storing cards makes me cringe right now with so much on my plate. So I will be downloading these into my Google drive to find on my phone. Then I will ask the questions and write down my family’s answers in my family notebook dedicated to our answers for Come, Follow Me Discussions.


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