My Top Ten Tabletop Games


Here is my list of my current Top Ten Favorite Tabletop Games and why. I reserve the right to change this at any time, of course!

  1. Codenames. My all time favorite, because it involves logic, deduction, vocabulary, word association, and teamwork. Also because you can customize it to whatever subject you are studying.
  2. Bananagrams. Sooo much better than Scrabble!
  3. 24. A math game that moves fast and encourages people to learn math facts.
  4. Scotland Yard. It also teaches logic and deduction, and gets so exciting!
  5. Spontuneous. It involves singing and/or shouting. You really don’t have to be musical to win, just good at remembering lyrics. Also I love it because all people can play at once.
  6. Say Anything and Wits and Wagers. These are made by the same company and involve the same mechanics. One involves opinion answers, the other involves fact answers, always expressed in numbers. I love that Wits and Wagers involves trivia AND knowing the other players well and reading their body language. So if someone isn’t good at trivia they can still win because they can get good at knowing how the other players would respond. You can totally DIY this game. I will have to blog about that later.
  7. Backseat Drawing. A reverse of Pictionary. I love that it involves more teamwork than Pictionary and everyone can play at once, like Pictionary sometimes allows.
  8. Reverse Charades. I love that this one is fast and involves acting.
  9. Taboo. It’s just so fun. Also involves vocabulary and word association.
  10. Qwirkle. A great math game for increasing pattern recognition and logical thinking.

Runner-ups: Dixit, Therapy, Brain Games, Trivial Pursuit, Word on the Street, Apples to Apples, 789, and Jeopardy!

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