#abookandagameaday, Tues. 3/31/20, still social distancing, a Free Panda Game!

Even though it was technically math and science day, we read the book above. Sometimes I am just random like that. It’s such a great book about everyone’s favorite neighbor.

Then we played 24. This is currently my fave math game. I love it so much it has made my Top Ten list of Tabletop Games. I just love that it’s so easy and quick. You just have to figure out how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide with all four numbers on each card to get 24. See if you can do it with the image below. We played the first person to earn ten cards. You earn the card if you get the answer.


Then we played Hidden Panda to practice logical reasoning and deduction. You can get it free here, as a print and play game. It’s kind of like Secret Hitler but a lot more cute.





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