More Recipes with Sourdough, aka Natural Yeast: Country Loaf, Pancakes or Waffles, and Sourdough Pita Bread!

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ve known I’m into baking with natural yeast. You can read about that here, where I got to see the Bread Geek in action. You can see some of my recipes here as well:

-sourdough breadmachine bread, same link as above, here


sourdough crusted pizza

natural yeast chocolate chip cookies

Lately with the shortage of commercial yeast, my friend Olivia has revived the art of baking with natural yeast. She’s gung-ho about spreading the word about how amazing natural yeast is by making videos. You can see her channel here. Some of her videos are below.

I tried her pancake and waffle recipe. It was great, although using the metric units, was oy, hard! I’m not used to that. You’ll have to get a kitchen scale and measure in grams to use her recipe.

Here’s another resource, as well for learning about sourdough. My friend Kimberly Simmerman and her sister Charlotte Bjarnson have created a website, They also do free zoom classes on baking with natural yeasted dough every Wednesday. They’ve done sourdough pita bread (see video below), sourdough cornbread, sourdough donuts, and bagels. Join their group, Sour Sisters, on Facebook, to get the recipes, as well as more info on signing up for the classes.

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