Emily’s Summer Salad

Here’s a refreshing summer salad from my dear younger sis, Emily. You can read her blog here. It’s so artsy and heartwarming! She always blogs about picture books on the first Friday of every month. So fun! I think you will love it as well as her salad below! It looks like maybe you could count it as a Trim Healthy Mama FP salad if you go easy on the poppy seed dressing. Or if you want to make it a THM S salad then go easy on the berries and fruit.

Mix up the following in your salad bowl:

-shredded spinach

-shredded or torn romaine leaves

-shredded cooked chicken breasts

-grapefruit chunks with skins and seeds removed

-sliced strawberries

-diced tomatoes

-diced or sliced cukes

-poppy seed dressing

Sounds yum! Thanks Em!

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