Are you Questioning the Pandemic: The Numbers, the Shutdown, and the Forced Masking? If So, Read On!

Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky. Photo Credit:

I listened to an interview today, with the guy above, in the podcast below. He’s Congressman Thomas Massie, from Kentucky. With both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from MIT, living off the grid on a cattle ranch, he sounds amazing, as an engineer, entrepreneur, and a statesman. I loved hearing his refreshing voice of reason regarding the pandemic. Thank you Tom Woods for interviewing him.

What to do? Well here’s what one woman is doing!

I am copying and pasting the following in italics, from my friend Larayne’s blog. (If you are a Utah resident, I highly recommend you go to that link and read about the upcoming legislative session in Utah. Contact all the legislators and ask them to fight against extension of the State-of-Emergency and Health Department overreach of power.) OK, here are Larayne’s words:

Hey…wait a minute.

Are you questioning the state-of-the-world right now?
Do you feel that something is wrong with the way our government is handling COVID?
Do you have that nagging feeling that the numbers don’t add up?
Do you “know” social distancing and lockdowns and forced masking is wrong but you don’t know
what to do about it?
Are you troubled knowing your kids will not have social opportunities at school or church
because of social distancing measures and 24-7 mask requirements?
How are you impacted by social isolation? How long do you think it will take your family to
recover? Will they ever gain back the ground taken?
What are the spiritual, emotional, and psychological effects of constant mask use? What are we
doing to our culture? What will be the long term consequences?
What do you think about the explosion of mental health disorders in America since the
lockdown, an issue that was already overwhelming our current system?
2-3 years of wearing masks is almost an entire high school experience. The same time period is
almost lightyear-leap for the development of small children. How long will it take our children to
recover their social skills? Will they be normal functioning adults?
Are you uncomfortable mandating the COVID vaccine on the entire population?
How many of our elderly have died alone, without family, during the time that we’ve been
“protecting” them from coronavirus? Would you want to spend 2-3 years separated from your
loved ones over a fear of illness, only to die alone before the threat disappeared?
If you’re waiting for masks and social distancing to eventually go away, how long do you think
that will take? Why do you think a virus will disappear?
Are you uncomfortable with the way government has told you who and what was essential,
where you could go and under what conditions? Do you feel liberty is hanging by a thread as
government and “experts” dictate how we can live our lives based on fear and unproven data?
Please contact us at (Coming soon!) to get involved with local efforts to
change the course of our state. We need everyone to preserve liberty & our family culture.

Go to Larayne’s blog. If you’re in Utah, support the events, share the flyers, and, contact all the legislators. If you aren’t in Utah, I hope Larayne’s example inspires you to find likeminded people and events in your state to support.

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