What Does it Feel Like to Be Attacked by a Bear?

Wow, I’ve been listening to this fireside today and it’s amazing! It features three wonderful presenters: Sister Meg Johnson, Elder Michael Dunn, and Sister Gail Miller, wife of Larry H. Miller. Each one bears testimony of the power of God in his or her life.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be attacked by a bear? I sure have. The closest I’ve come is just watching bears in Disney’s Yellowstone Cubs video below in fifth grade. Watch the video above for the bear attack story a the 48 minute mark. Elder Dunn shares the story of being attacked by a mother bear while running in the Teton National Park. He prayed during the attack, telling God he needed His help right then. Although severely injured, he Providentially was protected. The bear’s claw dug into his upper thigh and narrowly missed an artery. If the claw had nicked the blood vessel, he would have only had 5 minutes to live. This story happened in 1994, and he lives today to tell it.

I know God lives and loves us. As we continually pray, both before and during attacks, we will blessed with lessons to learn and grow and have more joy.

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