The Blender God Gave Me This Past Week for His Karma

I’ve had some hard stuff go on in my life, but I’ve also had amazing things happen as well. I just know God is watching over me. He truly delights to “own and bless me, when I strive to do what’s right.” We moved into this “new to us” house a month ago when we moved from AZ back to UT. All of the rooms have either hardwood or tile flooring. I knew it was just a matter of days before someone would break something on the tile floor in the kitchen. Tile floors in kitchens plus porcelain or glass kitchenware plus children equal a disaster in the waiting.

Yep, so far we’ve had six things break, all in the kitchen. The last casualty was a blender jar. Nooo! I can’t tell you how many blenders/blender pitchers or jars I’ve been through! I know you can use a quart Mason jar on an Oster base but that’s inconvenient when I want to add stuff while the blades are whirring.

We use our blender multiple times a day. My 16 year old guy likes to make protein smoothies and I like to make THM drinks. When I’m in a pinch and need a meal to go, and drink on the go, I rely on a THM Chocolate Frappa. According to one of my friends, it tastes like a Wendy’s Frosty. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Frosty so I’ll take her word for it.

This question was plaguing me for day: How am I going to function without a blender? I didn’t want to pay full price for a new replacement one. I started checking thrift stores. I checked four stores in two days and found nothing. So then I checked online for a used one in my community. Two people each had one for $10 but I didn’t want to make the 20-45 minute one way drive to get either. Amazon showed just the blender jar replacement for the same price. So I was leaning towards doing that, but I wasn’t sure if the size would work.

I decided to go to bed and sleep on it before I made the decision. The next day, when I checked my email, I noticed an email from someone in my Relief Society (women’s organization for my church). Someone was offering a free blender. She said it was just sitting in her garage and she had no use for it! Wow! I emailed back and asked if it was still available since it had been five days since she sent the email. She said yes and that I could have it!

So that’s how I got my new blender. This whole story takes me back to living in this same city, around 20 years ago. I have come full circle. Back then I was on the giving end. The details are fuzzy, but I somehow ended up with two blender jars. I thought, “Someone will need this so I’m going to save it and give it to her.” Shortly after that, my girlfriend Shauna sent a group email out asking if anybody had a replacement blender jar for an Oster blender. So I gave that one to her. Now this time I am on the receiving end for an Oster blender jar. I love God’s give and receive cycle! It’s the perfect karma. By the way, I got the blender base too. So if any of you out there need an Oster blender base, let me know!

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