New Story About Mary

We had a wonderful Christmas season of familial gathering. One son came from Texas, and two others who live away from home but close by, came for a few days and nights. So all my kiddos were here except for my daughter who was too close to giving birth. So the six children who were here cozied up in the bedroom loft of our new-to-us-home to sleep on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed all of our traditions with my husband’s mother being here for Christmas Day.

Then we had a fun bunch of days afterwards playing games and watching movies. That was all crowned with what happened next. What a joyful morning when I woke up this past Wednesday to a picture sent by my son-in-law, announcing the birth of his and my daughter’s second baby. I’m so happy for them! Now I have two grandsons. There’s nothing like having and/or holding a baby close to Christmas time to give a taste of what Mary must have felt as she cuddled with baby Jesus and looked into his eyes.

The above video features Donny Osmond’s nephew, David, singing the beautiful song, “Mary Did You Know?” That song captures the feelings I’m hinting at. Then in the video Amberli Nelson reads a story, entitled, “No Wonder She Wept.” This is how Amberli imagines the Nativity Story. She writes from the perspective of a young boy observing Mary. I love that she has the idea that Mary’s aunt was her midwife and used herbs to help bring Jesus into the world. It’s such a sweet story. I hope you enjoy it! You can also read it here.

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