Free Book About Receiving Revelation from the Eyres

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Hey, I heard about this new free ebook from some of my favorite authors, Richard and Linda Eyre. They are experienced parents who have a lot to share about how to be joyful parents. Their newest book is called Opening the Door to Family Revelation.

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Here’s what they say about it:

“There has never been a more difficult time to be a parent, and since every family situation is different, many of the old formulas for parenting just don’t work very well anymore. What most parents need is not one-size-fits-all ‘solutions,’ but real and unique ideas and guidance for their own particular children and circumstances. The very best and most unique guidance comes not from human sources but from Divine sources. We have felt for many years that prayers from an earthly parent to a Heavenly Parent can be a wonderfully direct and reliable form of inspiration. But the problem is that many of us are not good enough at asking, and at drawing down the Higher Source guidance that we need in our homes and with our children. We wrote this book to tell the stories of how other parents have successfully accessed the Heavenly Help they need, and how you can do the same, whether you are a parent or a grandparent. This has never been a book we wanted to sell. It is a book we want to give away to any parent anywhere who needs it and who can use it to improve his or her family. Even though our other books were published first with large national or international publishers–with bigness and big sales being the goal–we wanted to publish this one for free online so that parents could get it quickly and easily–with smallness and intimate connections being the goal. Please take a look at this book. You will know, within minutes of beginning to read it, if it is written for you and if you can use it as a guide for drawing down the powers and inspiration of Heaven to help you with the world’s most important and difficult job–raising your children.”

Here’s an episode from their podcast about it. (I love to listen to their podcast on Sunday nights. I feel like I am getting a combination lullaby to cap off the old week plus a pep talk about parenting for the new week from good, good friends or a dear aunt and uncle.)

Go to their web site here to sign up to get the new ebook, as well as many of their other books in ebook format. Scroll to the paragraph that says “How does it work?” and then click on the word “register.”

Happy reading!

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