My Top Ten Chapter Books for Reading Aloud to Children

This one is long! If your kids have never had a chapter book read aloud to them, save this one for later. Start out with shorter read-aloud books like Charlotte’s Web.

In no particular order, here are my top favorite chapter books to read aloud to children. If you need any convincing of the reason to read aloud to your children, just go get this book and read it.

If you need a Cliffs Notes version of the book, go listen to this podcast.

Guess what? You don’t have to do all the reading! This is great news for when your voice is hoarse or you know you are going to fall asleep while reading :-). That was a surefire thing when I was pregnant :-). Most of these books you can find as audiobooks at your local public library. (Probably not the graphic novels.)

How do I find time to read aloud to my children?

I read aloud to my kids when they do our dishes. I grab a chair and park it by the kitchen counter and read while they load the dishwasher, scrub counters, put leftovers away, and sweep. Some of these books we have listened to on car rides. We get a ton of books read that way! When all my kids lived at home, I used to sit in the hallway at bedtime in the middle of where the entrances to their bedrooms all intersected. I read aloud as they lay in bed, drifting off to sleep, often nursing a baby at the same time. What wonderful memories!

Besides the public library, another great source for audiobooks is See * at the bottom of this post for more on scribd.

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I still remember where I was sitting when I finished reading this book to myself. It’s not about girly-girly princesses, it’s about being your best self. A book for boys and girls!

This is the true story behind the movie of the same name.

This is such a darling story of a boy and his pet.

Read this one aloud when you can all be looking at the pictures too. The author, Nathan Hale, has the most amazing talent for combining words and pictures into a fabulous graphic novel.

The suspense is this book is incredible. An amazing story of what real family love is about.

Since this is a graphic novel, this one, as well as One Dead Spy, is best read aloud while looking at the pictures with your child(ren). I love experimenting with different accents for the Europeans!

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Has anyone not read this book? It’s the quintessential read aloud!

This book is the least known of my list. It’s by the same author of A Little Princess and The Secret Garden. You probably won’t find the audiobook at the public library, but it’s free on YouTube and here in

Honorable mention: All the Little House books and Anne of Green Gables. I can’t not mention them but I had to leave them off the top ten list to fit in books more oriented to boys.

* is a collection of ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, documents, and sheet music. It has a TON more than Libby. It’s also much better than Audible, because you have unlimited access to all those resources for a low flat monthly fee, around $10. I have Audible too and love them both! Audible sometimes has books scribd doesn’t, although it’s rare. Just like Audible, it has a website with an accompanying app so you can access the books on the go on your mobile device. I can’t tell you how incredibly fabulous it is to have in audio format all the Little House books, and Anne books, and so many other books, like the many of the ones above, all on my phone to access whenever I want!

You can sign up for 60 free days of here. After 60 days you will be charged the monthly fee. It’s totally worth it! (That is an affiliate link.)

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