Today Last Day to Register for Teach Me Health and Homeopathy Class! Pay $100 More if You Register After today!

I’m so excited to teach this class written by Paola Brown! It harmonizes with my belief in what Dr. Christopher once said, “There are no incurable diseases, just incurable minds.”

He taught that in order to heal, it’s important to cleanse and nourish the area that is ill. This is in line with terrain theory.

Did you know that Louis Pasteur, creator of the germ theory, stated on his deathbed, that his opponent, Michael Beauchamp, was right? Beauchamp was the creator of the terrain theory. Beauchamp came up with the terrain theory, which was in opposition to Pasteur. Joel Salatin tells the story this way in his book, Sheer Ecstasy of Being a Lunatic Farmer

“Terrain encompasses many things: hygiene, stress, immune response. The two scientists argued throughout their careers, but Pasteur was handsome, flamboyant, and did better Good Morning America interviews. Besides, Pasteur’s germ theory was more acceptable because all of us would rather be victims. Beauchamp’s terrain idea meant the responsibility was ours to create an immunological terrain to keep the bad guys at bay.” 


But like I just said, on his deathbed, Pasteur recanted. His last statement before his last breath was ,”Beauchamp was right. It is all about the terrain. “

Here’s a great video Paola made about that! Go here to watch! She takes you right into her family’s garden and shows what she did to nourish the terrain of the garden to overcome the bad bugs.

Then here’s a video here she did on how healing works. I watched it and understand more how true, real healing works, on a deeper level, and how we can help it happen.

If these videos resonate with you, you will love this class!

I’ve extended the regular registration deadline to April 1! Register by tonight midnight April 1!

If you register after tonight, a late fee of $100 is charged. Pay $200 instead of $300 for this 16 week class for your whole family to take online. The first 8 weeks is this spring, then after the summer break, the next 8 week cycle is in the fall.

This curriculum is inspired by Classical Conversations and Charlotte Mason principles. Paola Brown, a homeschooling mom of 3, loves both those philosophies. She designed the curriculum to involve the whole brain. Here are some of the features::

-nature journaling (each student buys own blank journal, not part of the bundle)

-art activities

-science experiments

-read aloud stories, in print and audiobook format (audiobook format extra cost)

-catchy music (bought separately)

-flash cards

-fun games

Please go here to read all the details and then sign up by tonight, midnight April 1!
Classes begin online next Tues. April 6 and Thursday April 8! You choose which day works best for you!

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