4/12/21 Montessori Monday: My Grandson’s Play Kitchen

Wow, pictured above is is my grandson’s play kitchen. What I would have given for something like this when I was a kid! He’s only 2! It’s inspired by my daughter’s desire to give him a Montessori education. Check out her blog here.

Here’s what she says about the kitchen (copied and pasted with her permission from Instagram):

“I posted Clark’s play kitchen with running water a long time ago, but it didn’t end up working out very well. Basically Clark would fill the sink up very quickly and then put things in it that weren’t supposed to get wet. It took a few iterations to find something that is child proofed in the ways we needed it to be. I also didn’t get around to revamping this latest edition until being on maternity leave, so Clark’s been without a water source for quite a while.

“Here’s what this version incorporates:

“The sink basin has drainage holes that we drilled into the plastic. I did the first two manually with a screw driver. It took a little longer but honestly the plastic is pretty soft. So no drill required.

“Under the sink basin there is a shoe box sized plastic bin to catch the drainage. This is a 99 cent Sterilite bin from Target.

“The door to the cupboard with the drainage reservoir has a child cabinet lock on it.

“The water dispenser has two separate cords tying it to the side post to keep it much more stationary than I could configure it to be with one cord.

“Next to the sink there’s a plastic tray. I just added this and I haven’t seen Clark use it yet, but I’m hoping he can do his pouring transfer work here instead of on the wood counter and that that will minimize mess.

“I put a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar in the water to keep microbes from growing if the water sits for a while.


“What it still needs:

“Lacquer to prevent the counter top surface from further water damage. The water consistently gets splashed out of the sink and has started cracking the wood.

“I wish the dispenser was shorter and could sit on top of a stand so that he could put his mop bucket and watering can under the faucet.”



So there you have it, just in case any of you were hankering to make a play kitchen that has a functional running water sink. Not something I will ever do but it’s nice to know that my daughter has created something so wonderful for my grandson. I love it!

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