Drawing for a Giveaway of the Trim Healthy Future Book

This is the latest book in the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) series of diet/cookbooks. If you are into the Trim Healthy Mama Diet plan (go here to see how I tweaked it to make it work for me), you will love it.

It’s written mostly by Rashida Simpson. She’s the niece of Serene and Pearl, the founders of THM. Serene and Pearl have each contributed about 12 recipes. Rashida wrote the rest.

What’s different about this book?

It has a bunch of fun new recipes for, especially appealing for children, like:

-gummy worms

-chocolate-y popcorn (Michelin Star Popcorn)

-crispy, cheesy chicken drumsticks

-peanut butter cookie dough bites

-southern “fried” chicken

-mac and cheese cups

-cherry jello

It has over 200 recipes for whatever your eating need is: breakfasts, lunches, salads, dinners including soups, oven meals and skillet meals, snacks, candies, cookies, desserts. It even has a section of dinner recipes that can be fixed in 5 minutes or less.

Another new feature that’s not in the older books is a section for recipes using an air fryer, like an air-fried apple, sweet potato cinnamon fries, golden French fries, and a crispy sandwich. Yep, golden French fries, using real potatoes! Potatoes aren’t in the other books. In this one, Serene and Pearl explain why they have accepted golden yellow potatoes as “legal” for the THM plan.

I’m pleased to see that finally, we have an official THM book recipe of blueberry crumble, apple crumble, and mashed potatoes and gravy. A faux apple crumble, using zucchini, was in the first book but I could never get it to taste right.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars! These recipes are yummy and totally doable! Rashida is a mom of three little ones ages 5 and under, so if she has time to make them, you do too!

The section for drinks that all have bird names is so fun! Don’t you just want to drink something called “Parrot Punch” or “Flying Flamingo”? In addition, there’s a whole section of new smoothie and shake recipes, like Pumpkin Shake and Kiwi Strawberry Smoothie.

Please comment below as to why you want to win the book. Winner will be announced on Monday November 15, 2021 around 8 PM MST.

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4 Responses to Drawing for a Giveaway of the Trim Healthy Future Book

  1. Michelle Omer says:

    Awesome! I have the cookbook and healthy table books. It would be fun to mix it up a bit with new recipes. Thanks for the chance.


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  3. Jenniferanne says:

    I’d like the book because I need more recipes to help me eat healthier!


  4. treeoflifemama says:

    Congrats to Jenniferanne, winner of the cookbook!
    Look for an email from me asking for your snail mail address so I can mail your book to you.


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