Why I Won’t Get the COVID Vaxx

Image Credit: heyfriendyouvegotthis.com

I’ve heard reports of reactions to the COVID shot. One of my friends has a mother-in-law die from it. I got the above image and the text below the dashed line from my friend LaRayne. I’ve copied and pasted the information from her. I echo her opinion. If you are of like mind, please spread this information!


Are you feeling the pressure yet???

The pressure from governments, media, and society to get the COVID-19 vaccine is tremedous. What are you going to do? For me, I’ve made my decision.

I won’t get the shot.

Here are the 10 reasons WHY I won’t be getting the Covid-19 shot.

I’ve got a couple of resources for you today to help you make your own best informed decision about the COVID-19 shot, and to help those you love do the same thing. And if you decide you DON’T want it, there is help for you to fight against those who might pressure you to get it, such as schools and employers.

The pressure to get the Covid-19 shot is intense. Have you felt it? Each person has the right and responsibility to choose for themselves if they want to get it or not. And each of us need to make an INFORMED decision. The problem is that honest and full information is being censored from the general population.

Many are getting the shot because they hear it’s safe and effective.

The truth is these injections are NOT safe and effective even though that’s what many mainstream media and medical sources are claiming.

Many of you may already know the dangers and risks involved with these shots. Increasingly we’re seeing injuries reported. But only a tiny fraction of these injuries and risks are being reported.


Here’s an article I researched and wrote explaining why I won’t get the shot. It includes 10 reasons and over 70 sources of information. Since writing it there is even more evidence of injury and death caused by the shot. More comes in every day.


The second resource will help you know your rights to say NO to schools and employers that might be pressuring you to get the shot against your will. This article comes from Kristen Chevrier of Your Health Freedom:

How to Respond to Employer or School Mandates?


​Please share these links far and wide to help others see through the propaganda, make informed decisions, and protect themselves against being bullied into receiving an experimental medical procedure against their will.

Your friend in Freedom,

LaRayne Miller

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