Know Your Liberty

Happy Independence Day everyone! May we each know what liberty truly is, and each do our part to preserve it. These video presentations by Stephen Pratt capture the vision of liberty. It’s not being able to do whatever we want, it’s being able to choose the right. That is greatly helped when government is limited. So part of preserving liberty is creating limited government, which is what was created when America was started with the Declaration of Independence. The Constitution of the United States spelled out exactly what limited government looks like. Today we are being threatened by unlimited government. I’m glad that Stephen Pratt did these presentations years ago to show the evolution of the US govt. becoming unlimited, with its three foundings. I got to hear Mr. Pratt speak in person years ago on the eve of Independence Day. I wish he were still alive. I’m grateful these videos of him speaking are still around. You can see his website here to learn more about liberty.

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