Doctrine and Covenants 93 Cuts the Philosophical Gordian Knots

This video goes with Doctrine and Covenants 93, which was the Come, Follow Me reading for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Sunday School lesson over a week ago. I love this section! In the video above, Sister Lynne Hilton Wilson points out that we can increase our ability to worship by increasing our worthiness to stand before God. Fascinating idea! Section 93 also has so many answers to tough philosophical questions, like, “Can something come from nothing?”If you want to dive deeper in Section 93, here’s Sister Wilson’s handout to go with it.

This is what philosopher Truman Madsen said about Section 93, “[It] defines beginningless beginnings, the interrelationships of truth, of light, of intelligence, of agency, of element, of embodiment, of joy. Every sentence, every word, is freighted with meaning. In one fell swoop it cuts many Gordian knots” (Steve Harper, Making Sense of D&C, 348).

Here are some of the questions that Section 93 answers as quoted from the handout linked above, rearranged from the list compiled by Truman Madsen in Joseph Smith the Prophet, p. 33. To find the answers search Doctrine and Covenants 93 or check the handout.

1.How can something come from nothing?

2.How can Christ have been both absolutely human and absolutely divine at the same time?

3.If man is totally the creation of God, how can he be anything or do anything that he was not divinely pre-caused to do?

4.How can man be a divine creation and yet be ‘totally depraved?’

5.What is the relationship of being and beings, the one and the many?

6. How can spirit relate to gross matter?

7.Why should man be embodied?

8.How is it that people err and abuse the light, if they are naturally susceptible to light and truth?

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