My Year of 2021 in Books


Wow, what a year 2021 was! I dropped the ball at the end on this blog, with my Christmas countdown. With Christmas and a son’s wedding to plan and execute, I just could not keep juggling everything, hence falling off the end of the blogosphere map. Then I had to take a figurative long winter’s nap to recover. That meant not blogging. Anyway, all that’s over so I have more time. Christmas over, wedding over, year over, more time! Yay!

I’m celebrating by blogging about all the books I read last year! I’m super excited that I read on average more than one book a month! Yessssss!!!!!!

Let’s start with the book above. I read it in January 2021. What a wonderful book to read in the dead of winter in Utah! It’s about a family of mom, dad, and 5 kids who spend more than a year “boatschooling,” living and homeschooling aboard a catamaran, and sailing the Caribbean. It’s fabulous to feel warm, even if it is vicariously, while reading this book, dreaming of fair skies, warm seas, and seafaring.

This one was for my church’s Sunday School 2021 year. Now we are doing the Old Testament from the Bible. I’ll be sharing videos about that this year.

My review of this book is here.



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