January Picture Books

Brave Irene

We got some snow before and after Christmas, but so far January has been rather without it. We can always enjoy the snow in picture books though, right? So here are a bunch of books to help you celebrate snow, even if you lack the real stuff. Plus I’ve got books here about community in winter, finding light in dark nights, MLK Jr. Day, and Resolutions/Goals/Dreams for the New Year.

This one follows a family through the whole year as they walk through a park. It sounds like a great book to inspire walking with Christ the whole year through.
This one is from my childhood! I have such fond memories of my mom reading it to us.
Did you know even dogs can accomplish goals? Balto is a real dog who raced through the snow to deliver medicine to a sick child.
Hooray for Snow!

Winter Is the Warmest Season

My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Book Cover

This last one shown below is actually a chapter book, but it does have a few pictures interspersed within. It’s a delightful story of a family that has an annual tradition of making their own ice skating pond. What a beautiful story of family and friends gathering in the winter to enjoy skating. This is one of my favorite books I remember reading aloud years ago to my older kiddos during dark wintry nights while they cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. It’s time to read this aloud to the younger ones!

Twelve Kinds Of Ice
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