Easter Video that Shows the Exact Dates of the Holy Week Timeline Plus More Easter-themed Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

This video below by Rhonda and Farrell Pickering explains the last week of the Savior Jesus Christ’s life with reasoning for the exact dates of events.

Here are questions answered in the video, copied and pasted from the video’s YouTube.com page:

1) How long would the Israelites keep a little pet lamb in their home before Passover?

2) How many Feasts vs. Fasts are part of the annual Holy Days?

3) What is a “High Sabbath” and how does it play into the Timeline of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection?

4) What FREE DOWNLOAD can help you with Easter this year? Go to latterdaymedia.com and click on “Easter download.” If those words no longer appear, go here.

5) How did the “High Day” influence with how long Jesus was on the cross/ put in the tomb?

6) What is “The Omer Offering” and what did it symbolize?

7) How does Jesus casting the money changers out of the temple have to do with “leaven?”

8) If Jesus’ words and actions could be compared to a chess game with the Pharisees, what was His “checkmate?”

9) During the “Last Seder” (Supper), what did Jesus tell the disciples while drinking the 4th cup of wine?

10) What did the High Priests do in the Temple for thousands of years, that was repeated for Jesus on the cross?

These videos below by Bruce and Marie K. Hafen give the Easter story with a perspective from the temple including Adam and Eve’s story. Beautiful!

Then this video below has more from Eric D. Huntsman about the Holy Week. I love that he shares that he celebrates Good Friday and has his kids stay home from school.

I love Lynne Hilton Wilson’s video below. She focuses on the women involved in the Savior’s last week. She wonders if maybe James and John’s mother is the sister of Mary, the mother of Jesus. That would make James and John the Savior’s cousin, and Zebedee’s wife Mary’s sister.

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

I’m a bit biased, because she is my husband’s cousin, but I just love learning from her. Happy Easter everyone!

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