Best Video on the Wonders of the Tabernacle and the Connections to the Temple Today

Photo Credit: Latter-day Media YouTube Channel

Last week’s video on the Latter-day Media YouTube Channel with Rhonda and Farrell Pickering was SOOO AMAAAAZING! It goes with last week’s Bible study of Come, Follow Me. That study involves Exodus 35-40, Leviticus 1, 16, and 19.

Have you ever wondered what the connection is between the tabernacle of Moses’ day and the temples of today, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? If so, you will want to watch this video at the bottom of this post. I wish it could be required watching before anybody went to the temple for the first time. It shows so many wonders and connections! The picture of a map above shows a connection between today and the past. If you superimpose the map of the tabernacle on a specific earth map, you see that the distance between the altar of burnt offerings and the Holy of Holies is the same as the distance between Jerusalem and Jackson County Missouri. So cool!

Rhonda declares that we can’t understand the book of Revelation by John, with its prophecy, unless we understand the foundation it is built on, which includes the symbolism and ritual of the tabernacle. She says that most scholars believe that John was a priest in the temple, so that’s why he set up his book this way.

I’ve put some screenshots of the video below to tantalize you to watch it. Rhonda and Farrell share so many wonderful truths in it. The tabernacle and temple teach us about the plan of salvation, with Christ at the center of it all. I love that they talk about Hebrew connections as well.

Photo Credit: Latter-day Media YouTube Channel

Rhonda shares that entering the door of the tabernacle’s courtyard is symbolized by baptism today. Then the altar of the burnt offerings reminds us of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. That’s just the beginning. She walks you through the tabernacle, comparing the different places to different places of the Salt Lake Temple. Every piece of furniture and action in the tabernacle symbolizes a part of the plan of salvation, and we see these parts in temple worship today. It’s all so beautiful and wonderful!

Photo Credit: Latter-day Media YouTube Channel

Then I also loved these videos shared below too. They also show elements of the tabernacle. We are so blessed to have so many resources to help us understand the scriptures. In the one just below, David and Emily take us on a tour of a tabernacle replica. So splendid! It’s about at the 11 minute mark.

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