New Podcast I Love for Your Come, Follow Christ Study

Photo Credit: Unshaken YouTube Channel by Jared Halverson

I’m loving a new-to-me podcast to help with my Come, Follow Christ study. It’s called Unshaken, and it’s by Jared Halverson. The way he explains gospel principles is so amazing. The screenshot above shows what he calls The Samuel Principle. It’s basically this: When someone, or a group of people, under your stewardship, choose wrong, tell them why it’s wrong (“protest solemnly”) and show them in a kind way what will happen to them for choosing wrong (“shew them the manner”). Then stand aside and let them choose wrong. This is what Samuel had to do when the Israelites said they wanted a king instead of a judge.

Some of my friends and I discussed Jared’s video below this past week. It blew us all away! I highly encourage you to watch it.

I loved his talk above. So I was thrilled to find his podcast that it also in video format in YouTube. Like I said above, he explains the Samuel Principle. Then he explains how to apply that principle to a wayward child or relative in your life who choose to leave the covenant path. It’s a further exploration of the Law of Contraries. He presents the Law of Contraries in the video above. It’s all so fascinating!

Here’s more of what Part 1 of the 2 videos is about, along with other topics covered, along with their time stamp (copied and pasted from YouTube):

“Part 1 of a 2 part in-depth study of 1 Samuel 8-31, this half covering chapters 8-17 which include the stories of Samuel, Saul, and David & Goliath. This lesson focuses on honoring choices you don’t agree with, the call of Saul, sacrifice & obedience, true courage, the inward vs. the outward, lessons from David & Goliath, and more. Join Jared Halverson for your weekly Come Follow Me study of the Old Testament!”

0:00 Introduction

2:23 When a Loved One Makes a Choice You Don’t Agree With

26:00 The Samuel Principle

40:12 The Call of Saul

52:51 Saul Anointed & Transformed

1:05:02 Israel United, Rebuked, & Reassured

1:19:46 Saul Offers Sacrifice

1:26:24 No Smiths in Israel

1:33:20 Jonathan & the Philistine Garrison

1:53:44 To Obey Is Better than Sacrifice

2:15:39 Samuel Chooses David

2:31:09 David & Goliath

Now here’s Part 2:

For Part 2, again, here’s a description. It’s also copied and pasted from YouTube.

“This lesson focuses on love and envy, position or person, loving our enemies, forgiveness and the atonement (the story of Abigail is a must-learn!), the witch of Endor, and more. Join Jared Halverson for your weekly Come Follow Me study of the Old Testament!”

Here are the time stamps, courtesy of the show notes from YouTube:

0:00 Introduction

0:38 Jonathan’s Love & Saul’s Envy

33:45 Saul versus David

59:46 David Spares Saul’s Life

1:10:15 David & Abigail

1:33:27 David Spares Saul Again

1:42:23 The Witch of Endor

1:50:34 David among the Philistines

2:02:50 The End of Saul

2:07:27 Conclusion

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