The Miracle of Stopping the Crows from Getting the Corn

This is the first year in a while that I have planted corn in my garden. I’m so excited to see it growing! Back in May, our homeschool group had a family end of year social that involved families selling stuff. One of the families was selling little corn sprouts growing in potting soil in styrofoam cups, for $1 each. I bought four of them, and here is one of them flourishing in the photo above.

I love planting gardens! I just think it’s so fun to see plants grow from tiny seeds or starter plants. But plants don’t always turn out as planned. One of the starts is withering up, even though I’ve watered it the same as the one above. Then one of them multiplied by three somehow into three plants, so I’m going to transplant those into their own holes to grow, including where the withered plant is.

I found this story recently in the LDS Gospel Library app about a family that struggled to get a successful patch of corn growing, due to a flock of menacing crows that kept eating the corn. It’s called “Crows in the Corn,” by Betty A. Harvey. You can read it here.

On the family’s third attempt to plant a cornfield in a year, they were desperate. Twice already, the crows had zoomed in to gobble up the shoots. The family’s only upcoming income was this crop of corn. If this third planting got eaten by the crows, they would be financially ruined. So what did they do? In their desperate situation, they fasted and prayed. Then the mom listened, and got an answer. It saved their latest cornfield so it could mature into harvest. The answer was ingenious! Go here to read the whole story. I love it!

This is an example of the old adage, “God helps those who help themselves.” So many miracles work this way. A desperate situation + seeking God in fasting and prayer + listening for an answer + acting on it = a very much needed miracle.

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