Thrifting Treasures Summer 2022

My adult married daughter was in town for 6 weeks recently this summer, visiting from out of state with her family. It was so fun to go thrifting with her. We hit all three Deseret Industries in the 30 mile radius plus two Savers. We found some great deals! Here is what I found in the photos of this post. She left last Friday before I could get pictures of her loot.

The greatest find was the Moods board games above and below. See here for my full story about that, including why I got two copies (actually three!) with God’s hand in the discovery. The conversation cards are to do one a night with my husband, and the top is a swimsuit top to go with my black swim shorts. So pretty!

I have fun finding simple board games I can “play” with my grandson. Hence the Rescue Heroes above and Count Your Chickens below. They were each $2 or below. Since he’s only 3, we often don’t play by the actual rules. I follow his lead and match his level of understanding of what’s going on, with each of us taking a turn according to what he thinks a turn is. These games also come in handy for his 1 year-old brother for us to buy some time of peace (maybe 15 minutes if we are lucky) while he plays with the pawns while the rest of us play another game.

It was so fun to find the Keys of History card game, pictured above, from The Good and the Beautiful homeschooling curriculum, after seeing it mentioned in this video below. The video creator mentions/shows it at the 9:15 mark. I got it for $1.50!

I’ve added it to my collection of decks of quiz card games that I keep by my dining room table to quiz the kiddos during mealtime. When we play that way, we just discard the mechanics of the game with the board and just quiz with the questions on the cards.

Photo Credit: Decadence Homeschool YouTube Channel

Another great find was Masterpiece by Parker Brothers! I actually found this one before said married daughter came. I’ve been looking for this one ever since I started thrifting for board games while living in AZ around 5 years ago. I have fond memories of playing this game with my sisters and cousin whenever we’d go visit my relatives in southern NV in the 1980s.

So much nostalgia surrounds this game for me! I don’t really like the “take-that” mechanism involved in it, but it shows masterpieces. When I play this with my kiddos, I love that they will be learning the names and artists of real works of art.

I wanted some new summery tops and found these, above and below. So cute! Plus I found some dressy black flats perfect for summer, as shown below, to go with my black skirt. The butterfly print top in the picture below, in the top right, was only $2! The sea foam green gingham has sleeves I can roll up and keep up with buttoned tabs, for warm weather. Then when it gets cooler I can roll them down. The floral top I can dress up with a skirt or wear with pants.

I found this cute pillowcase below. I didn’t bother ironing it, but you can imagine it would look even better without the wrinkles, LOL. It features the seven values from the Young Women program of my late teen years from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’ve been wanting something to decorate the top of my piano to brighten up a drab green runner already on the piano that was a gift to me. This fits the bill perfectly!

More games! I found the Bible TriBond for some game night friends after telling them about it because I already have it. It’s always fun when my friends tell me what they are looking for and then I find it for them.

My daughter found this puzzle of Europe and gave it to me. I already have the other puzzles in the GEO Puzzle series that I got at Savers last fall. It’s wonderful to complete the collection!

If you want more fun in your life, consider thrifting! It’s like hunting but no animals are killed. You get the thrill of the hunt, the surprise of finding cool stuff, and you save money.

Then you get to enjoy the treasures. As the Duggars say, buy used and save the difference!

I found this book below to add to my collection of books by the same author, Genevieve Foster, about Washington’s world and Lincoln’s world.

On the same trip I found these books at Savers (except the Gileadi one, I got that earlier, in June). I remember my mom reading The Poky Little Puppy to me as a child. It’s wonderful to finally have my own copy, now that most of my kids are gone. At least I can read it to the grandkids. The Action Bible, I have loved listening to in Audible. When we lived in AZ we listened to it every week for a while when we drove into Tucson for our homeschool co-op.

Then I scored with these games! The Villainous game was like new. $6 at Savers. It’s $35 in amazon. It kind of reminds me of The Screwtape Letters, where you get to climb inside the mind of a bad guy/the devil/a villain. You get to see the logic they would use to achieve goals, so you know how to fight back. We played it as a family at our last family game marathon, the day before my oldest went back to TX. (We also played Stella and Scythe.) I was thrilled that I finally won! (We had borrowed the game from our public library to try it out, and I had lost three times to my 12 year old in the previous month.) The Best Friend Game is like The Newlywed Game, only for friends. I’m really excited about tha tone, I can’t wait to play it with my girlfriends. Spyfall is a great party game. I found it for only $2 at the Layton Deseret Industries. Hit or Miss is like Scattergories with a twist.

So I am feeling wonderfully, bountifully blessed by all these thrifting treasures.

Check out my thrifting tips here to get started, from my friend Katie, and my advanced thrifting tips, enlisting the help of angels, here. (That last post I linked to has more great deals at the top. Scroll to the end if you just want to read how to enlist the help of angels.)

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