Some Resources from the Presenters at My Recent Retreat

I had so much fun at my Tree of Life Mama Retreat last weekend!

Here are some free resources from some of the presenters. Some of these were mentioned by presenters in the Retreat and some weren’t. I’ve had great fun rounding up these resources.

The screenshots above and below are from Paola Brown’s video about The Healing Path, which you can watch here. This concept of the Healing Path is so amazing. I want to watch this video with my children at least once every year, just to drive all of it into our brains forever more. It’s so important to learn along with our children that our bodies are designed to heal. Being healthy doesn’t mean never getting sick, it means that our bodies heal when they do get sick. After all, the word “heal” is in the word “health.” This Healing Path diagram from Paola illustrates this truth perfectly.

Tamara Laing mentioned a fascinating book to help with healing, by medical doctor M.K. Strydom. You can download it for free here. It’s called Healing Begins With Sanctification of the Heart.

Tamara also mentioned the book Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf, which you can read in, or listen to the audiobook format. (If you don’t know what scribd is, please read about it here. You can sign up for a free 90 day trial with the link in my post over there. It has so many books to read or listen to, many more than Audible!)

Over here, you can register to watch Angie Law’s Wellness Journey class for free.

From that class you will learn about altered food, vitamins and minerals, and how to build the immune system.

OK, so we talked about health at the retreat. We also talked about homeschooling. Mary Ann Johnson has her whole course about mastering the spark station here. The spark station allows a mom to make her homeschool time with younger children a LOT more fun, meaningful, and sustainable. Watch the video below to get you started on how to capture your children’s sparks. This is the “closet” idea/ingredient that the DeMilles talk about in their book Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning. I used this when my kids were all younger and thoroughly enjoyed those times together.

Check out Mary Ann’s list of recommended books for reading aloud to children here.

(I know it’s not pie season/fall yet, but I noticed this picture of Mary Ann’s fabulous pies over at her site so I just had to add her recipes for perfect apple pie filling and perfect apple pie. They are here. Don’t they look fabulous? Yum! I’d just substitute a whole sweetener for the sugar.)

My devotional ebook is here for free. This is a collection for all 12 months of the year with links to stories, poems, songs and scriptures to go with seasonal and gospel themes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Use this for your family devotionals or gathering times.

My slides in PDF format on gameschooling are here, along with the PDF on how to build a gameschooling collection on a budget.

The recordings should be available by Sept. 1. If you would like to buy access to them, please email me: info (at) treeoflifemothering (dot) com.

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